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However, the sudden influx of a large number of Chinese players has caused a huge stir.The games forums on Steam and Reddit are full of threads bemoaning the arrival of the Chinese players. is played on a big map on big servers and you don’t necessarily ever know who is out there.I suspect that most players making the complaints have never held a particularly strong opinion on Chinese people, racist or otherwise.The cause of the enmity seems to be something more tangible and more likely to incite antagonism in players than prejudice; namely that the Chinese How this happened is largely a question of logistics.Players who don’t want to be a part of that world can play on servers without it: the player versus environment servers (or Pv E).

If a group of players does decide that they want to initiate hostilities, and if they happen to be active when their targets are at work or asleep, then their first strike will likely be devastating.

The larger player groups descended in numbers on a handful of servers, often it appears as the hangers on to popular game streamers in China.

In a game with a server population limit of 70 on the official servers any group that can show up mob-handed with more than 35 people immediately has numerical supremacy.

Indeed with a substantial time difference it is possible for warring factions to murder their enemies and plunder their bases without ever encountering them in a conscious state.

Losing everything you have in the game through no fault of your own to an enemy you were not even aware you had when you last logged out, that’s a bitter pill the size of a golf ball.

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