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We were at this hotel in downtown Chicago and he had to make a phone call.

He told me that if anyone came to the door to just let them in.

I saw the biggest, meanest looking guy who was an actual inmate at the juvenile correction center and I thought to myself, ‘if I can get his jacket, then I will be on the set long term.’ Watching him, I could tell that he was the least interested, but they were going to use him no matter what, jacket or no jacket. They asked me for my name when they saw the jacket and they registered my name.

He threw his jacket to the side and I grabbed it and I stuffed it behind a toilet in the boys room. They took my picture and I was trying to scowl like I was tough.

They also had some actual juvenile inmates that were used for the movie that were there at the elementary school.

They immediately handed the jackets to those kids since they were the real deal. I kind of draped it up and rolled it under my arms so I wouldn’t look ridiculous.

Then in high school on one of my lunch breaks, I went to a Mc Donald’s.

They were shooting a commercial and there was that feeling again.

It was lucky for me to get that up close and personal introduction to filmmaking.

So that’s how I was able to be on the set for an extended period of time.

Later in the shoot, Sean invited a bunch of us extras to join him at a showing of that had been released that summer.

He was very much in character for Bad Boys so no one recognized him as Spicoli.

Everyone was just blown away and couldn’t believe that it was the same person. One night, Sean asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat.

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We were then running down the escalator like three, four, five stairs at a time.

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